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Latest COE

July 2024, 2nd TENDER


Cat A: $91,899(+898)

Cat B: $100,000(-901)

Cat C: $70,601(+600)

Cat D: $9,089(+189)

Cat E: $100,341(-548)

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Festive Season Sale, While Stocks Last!!!

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COE decreased + Interest rates decreased!

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COE prices fell across the board at the close of the latest bidding exercise on Wednesday. The bi...

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Predictably, COE premiums saw a sharp rise across the board with all premiums under all categorie...

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Change to take effect in February 2014, with existing criteria on engine capacity to remain.

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But motor traders warn that premiums could remain high due to pent-up demand.

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COE Quota For Next 6 Months Set At 20,825

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